Buying Mud Bricks

At the Mudbrick Circus we use a very old and simple brick making process which dates back to the beginnings of construction of permanent shelters for mankind. The bricks are handmade, mixing water, soil, straw, and a little lime into mud, and then allowing the sun and wind to do the drying. For over three decades we have explored this process and have continued to improve our product. We have successfully improved the durability of our bricks to the point where they very seldom need the assistance of a sealer even in garden walls or buildings with flush eaves. The granite soils in the Castlemaine/Kyneton area of Central Victoria have served us well in the creation of a brick which has load bearing capacity, as well as, the ability to withstand cutting and handling without breaking. We have a range of different sizes to suit your particular application. The granite soils produce a block with a wonderful textured finish and a warm sandstone colour.

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