Mud Brick Skills Workshop

Our Mud brick Skills Workshops aim to give the participants hands-on experience of the sheer joy and practicality of building out of mud. Participation in the workshop should give you the confidence and know- how to have a crack at your own project. The idea is to train you in our “kiss methods” which can enable you to become the teacher and successfully pass the skills onto others who may want to be involved in your mud brick building. Your instruction will be based around building a real house. The first day is mostly instructional. On the other two days, it is expected that you will practise and hone your skills.

This is how it works

You pay an $550 upfront and book into three workshop dates. Generally these dates will be on Saturday. If we cancel a particular Saturday for any reason, participants will need to reschedule their attendance. The building site is at Kyneton in central Victoria. We start at 8.30 a.m. and finish between one and two o’clock in the afternoon. For the participant, this is very useful in consolidating your newly acquired knowledge plus is a great benefit from connections you may form with other participants of similar interest. After you have completed three sessions there will be other opportunities to further your experience if you express an interest in other areas of construction and building. Because the workshop is seriously hands-on, spaces are limited. For instance we can only take about three or four people each week who are doing their introductory session. For brick customers the workshop cost is refunded on the invoice for your first load of bricks.

To book into a workshop phone us on 54221808 (early morning is best or leave a message)

Workshops are held on Saturday morning or by appointment

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