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Mini mudbricks 
mud bricks are heavy………No More!

• Our Mini mudbricks have been around for quite a while but in the last couple of years they have really come of age. We now have mud brick contractors who insist on mini bricks for standard 240mm walls. Despite the fact that there are far more bricks to lay per square metre, the evidence is that you will construct more wall and go home feeling much fresher with Mini.

• Mini mudbricks, weighing only nine kilos, leave the traditional, backbreaking 20 kilo brick for dead! Once you are lifting onto scaffold (especially with gable ends), mini bricks really come into their own. Everyone can get involved….. even children of primary school age.

• Mini mudbricks are equivalent in price per m2 to standard size bricks.

Standard Mudbricks

Standard mudbricks (250mm x 130mm times 375mm) are still the most common size used in mud brick construction.

Internal Mudbricks

This brick is the same size as a standard mudbrick, except for the thickness, which is 200mm instead of 250mm.

• Its main use has been for internal walls, although it has also been used extensively in external walls and for veneer or double walls.
• There is a reduction in weight over standard bricks of twenty percent.

Splits or Veneer Bricks

• Splits can be ordered from standard or internal bricks. Splits are transported to the job and moved to the wall as a whole brick. They are then gently cut along the perforations (lengthways) to produce two bricks from one.
• They are useful in wet areas laid on one side of a stud wall, using 100mm frame ties to attach the mudbrick to the timber frame.
• These bricks, because the smaller bed area, are more difficult to lay than other sizes. The difficulty is equivalent to laying other sizes on edge.

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