Price List

Style Size (mm) Price
Summer / Winter
M2 Rate Bricklaying Configuration
Standard 375x250x130 $3.10 / $3.40   20      Laid Flat
        13      Laid On Edge
Mini 300x250x83 $2.00 / $2.25   34      Laid Flat
        14      Laid On Edge
Internal 375x200x130 $3.00 / $3.30   20      Laid Flat
        14      Laid On Edge
  • Veneer bricks(375mm x 130mm x 130mm) can be produced on-site from other sizes
Metre rates quoted here are an indication of the number of bricks to complete each square meter of wall area. The metre rate includes a factor to cover breakage. Often with careful attention and good bricklaying practice the metre rates quoted on this web site can be improved.
Winter prices can kick in as early as march if we have a full order book. Summer prices are usually not available until september.
The cost of Mini Bricks is equivalent in price per square metre to that of Standard Bricks.
Add 10% GST to all prices.
Allow 150-200 standard size mud bricks for each cubic metre of mortar.
Cartage cost varies with distance and accessibility.
There are 1050 natural bricks per truckload. There are 1870 mini bricks on a load. All full loads contain thirteen pallets.
Each pallet attracts a deposit of $11. Ten dollars is refunded on its return.
Allow for the cost of limil added to the mortar mix at the rate of eight to one. USE NO CEMENT. Allow one bag of limil for approximately three square metres of wall area.